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Laurel Loves || A Father’s First Look

Hind 054
On her wedding day, there are two love stories on a bride’s mind. One is the sheer excitement of being united with her groom. While the other is of a bond that has been forming since she was born — the one between she and her Dad. And there’s something about when a father sees his daughter as a bride for the first time — that tells us he feels the same way.

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Laurel Loves: Fantastic Send-Offs

Haley Brooks Alden Baldock
Since ancient Roman times, throwing rice over happy brides and grooms has been tradition. But some traditions are meant to be broken. Modern couples have wisely updated the farewell experience — meaning no more shaking rice out of your hair for weeks to come. Regardless the tradition — new or old — nothing rivals the excitement of sending off a newly married...

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