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Laurel Loves | Amazing Cakes

Alyssa Andrew S Wedding 1227
Creativity always comes in countless ways, shapes and sizes. But, by far, one of the sweetest ways it comes is in the highly-anticipated, multi-tiered, sugary-sweet, and oh so tasty, form of cake! On your wedding day, your guests are most eager to see you walk down the aisle. But, let’s be honest, they reserve a certain amount of excitement for indulging in their very...

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Laurel Loves | Gorgeous Invitations

03 25 2018Allentsai
Since so many invitations these days come in an electronic format, it is all the more special to receive a piece of personalized snail mail. Especially when it’s the kind that leaves you swooning. Gorgeous wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes (and fonts and textures and foils and color palates and, well, you get the picture) and the Laurel loves each and...

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Laurel Loves || Indoor Ceremonies

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It may be concerns about the weather (what if it rains?) or inspired by tradition (it’s what our parents did!) or simply because this is the one time in your life you can honestly sing, “Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married!” and mean it — whatever your reason, getting married in a wedding chapel is a timeless and beautiful tradition.

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