Real Weddings | Megan and Steven | March 13, 2020

This past March, we had the pleasure of celebrating Megan and Steven’s springtime wedding that was oh, so magical down to every last detail. This incredible day, talented vendor team, and sweet duo made this wedding one for the books.

Megan and Steven shared with us a little bit about their love story, and reminisced on the memories of their favorite day. Enjoy!

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From Megan and Steven:

It all started at the best burger place in the world...Shake Shack! At a casual get together with some mutual friends (that Megan almost backed out of) Steven sat at one end of the table and Megan on the other. While Megan didn't think much of the encounter, she caught the eye of the cute, sweet, funny guy at the end of the table. A week or so later Steven texted Megan out of the blue and asked if he could call her and ask her on a date. Megan was honestly taken aback and called her best friend Lauren to ask what she should do. Luckily, Megan agreed to give this practically stranger a chance. We had our first date at Beto and Son’s at Trinity Groves and walked the bridge to take in the beautiful Dallas skyline. A month of dates (hiking, football games, trying new dessert places) led to Steven asking Megan to be his girlfriend. From there we continued to get to know one another through adventurous, spontaneous, and romantic dates. It's been the most beautiful adventure we could have imagined.

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On August 10th (after months of fake proposing) Steven took Megan to one of her favorite places, Waco. It was one of our favorite places for having a day date. The first stop was the McLane football stadium where Steven led Megan to a beautiful spot near the Brazos river. It was in that spot that Steven spoke the sweetest words of love and asked Megan to spend the rest of her life with him. It was the easiest yes she ever said. It was followed by Megan's mom popping out of her camo tent to take pictures. We spent the rest of the day doing our favorite Waco activities, and Megan tried not to trip as she kept staring at her sparkly new ring. We came home to the sweetest welcome of friends and family to celebrate our engagement. It was the absolute best day!

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From Megan: 

I was going for a romantic floral theme. I love spring, so I wanted to bring the spring colors and overall feeling of springtime into our wedding. I love the outdoors so I knew I wanted lots of flowers and greenery throughout.

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When I was looking for a venue, I wanted a beautiful all in one venue, with a chapel and a reception area. What I loved about the Laurel was that it felt intimate and warm, while still having plenty of room for all of our guests. I wanted a venue that also had a great outdoor entertaining space for cocktail hour. The Laurel was a perfect venue that allowed us to put our own personal touches to make it feel unique to us.

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It was such a sweet time with our family and dearest friends around us as we got ready. I thought I would be nervous, but I had such a sense of peace and also excitement! The girls chatted and listened to Taylor Swift,  while the boys blasted their action movies. I remember there was also a buzz about the news because there was a new virus Covid-19 that was spreading. 

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I have so many amazing memories from our wedding day. My  favorite moment though was definitely walking down the aisle and seeing Steven’s face when he saw me. Steven is not an emotional person, so seeing him get teary-eyed was something special and I will always hold that image near to my heart. Another favorite moment was being on the dance floor with all our friends and family. Between the sparkly lights and the amazing musical talent of In10city band, it was a magical experience! Our guests could not stop talking about how much fun they had on the dance floor that night!

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At the reception we had a butt sketch artist, and that was such a fun and unique experience! Our guests loved being able to take home their own sketch at the end of the night. Steven and I had ours done and loved how it turned out! It was such a great souvenir from the night. I also loved my father-daughter dance. Growing up as a dancer, I knew I wanted to do something different and my dad was totally in! We started our slow dance and ended by rocking out to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” with a choreographed dance. It was a crowd pleaser!

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I would say our wedding was a romantic dream full of so much love from our friends and family. It was a special and unforgettable day! I would also describe it as a huge party! We wanted our guests to have so much fun at our reception and for it to be a memorable experience.

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For future couples, if you are not a planner like I am, I would definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner. It was worth all the money to have the stress of planning taken from my plate. I didn’t have to worry about anything the day of the wedding because Hannah and her team from MK Event Boutique took care of all the details. They brought my vision to life, and it was a stress free experience.

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Thank you, Megan and Steven, for taking the time to share these wedding day memories with us. We wish you all the best in years to come!


MK Event Boutique

Sami Kathryn Photography

Z Pro Films

Petals Couture

Hayley Paige

Tease to Please Hair and Makeup


Generation Tux

In10City Band

Dallas Asian Strings

Butterfly Cakery

The Original Butt Sketch

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