Real Wedding | Taylor + Grant | First Anniversary

If you could ever feel love in the air, you would have felt it a year ago at The Laurel. Taylor and Grant said their vows surrounded by a flood of sunshine inside our wedding chapel, followed by a gorgeous outdoor cocktail hour, seated indoor dinner and dance party. Today, they look back on their wedding day and only wish for one thing: that they could do it all over again.

Taylor and Grant share what inspired their wedding day details, offer advice for couples planning their weddings, and reveal the very important item Grant forgot to bring to the wedding! Enjoy!

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From Taylor:

Grant and I met through our best friends. Almost five years ago at their wedding was when it all started. We hung out that entire night and he asked me on a date the following week. We kept it a secret from our friends for the first month. They of course were ecstatic when we told them we were dating. Almost three years later we were engaged!

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It was important for us to find a place that we could have both the ceremony and reception. I loved the feel of the Laurel and wanted our wedding to feel intimate and romantic, which is difficult to accomplish in the middle of the metroplex.

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My dad married us and Grant’s father was an honorary best man. For us, the whole ceremony was family-oriented, very personal and heartfelt. We loved the feel of the chapel and the beautiful natural light.

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It’s very hard for us to pick what we loved most [about our wedding day]. We say all the time we just want to go back and relive the day. We wouldn’t change a single thing! We feel so blessed to have had all of our close friends and family there celebrating with us. I think what we loved most was the love we felt from everyone that day.

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In all the rush getting to the Laurel Grant left his suit at his house! [My family created a story about where he was so that I wouldn’t know!] After the ceremony during our pictures he whispered to me “isn’t that crazy I forgot my suit and had to go back home!” I had no idea and we were able to just laugh about it!

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Our favorite part of the reception was near the end. We have a favorite song from the movie Pitch Perfect. I surprised Grant and had our DJ play it — we sang it and danced our own dance moves (not choreographed) and everyone was clapping and wooing us. It was a blast! We loved how everything was set up and how our day coordinator kept us on track with our timeline.

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Our advice to couples planning their wedding would be to not stress out about the little things (easier said than done, right?). At the end of the day it’s about the two of you and that’s what’s important. Figure out what is most important to you for your day and focus on that. The day goes by so fast so take in as much as you can. Take moments throughout the day to just pause, look around and soak up all the love and the people that are there to celebrate with you.

Great advice from a great couple. Happy First Anniversary, Taylor and Grant! Thank you for sharing your wonderful day with us. We wish you nothing but the best in the years to come.

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