Real Wedding | Anne + James | October 6, 2018

For this east coast couple, finding the perfect spot for their guests was paramount. “We wanted to give our guests a taste of Texas elegance, with just a little "Jersey" — and some NYC sophistication — thrown in.” Anne and James Mulvihill did just that.

The happy couple uniquely styled their reception at The Laurel by incorporating personal touches: a mariachi band, a mini cigar bar, and a groom's cake featuring their dog rendered in fondant. Alongside their wedding cake they served Mexican wedding cookies and cannolis from Carlo's Bakery (a bakery that started in Hoboken, NJ). Every one of their guests felt the love and couldn’t hide their smiles as they danced the night away.

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Anne was kind enough to share all the details that made their wedding reception one to remember. Enjoy!

From Anne:

James doesn't actually remember the REAL first time we met, which was at a local sports bar on a "football Sunday." We live in Hoboken, NJ—just across the Hudson River from NYC—where heading to the bars for NFL games is huge. James was there with a mutual friend of ours and I was there with some other friends, waiting for my then-boyfriend to show up. When the guy I was dating arrived, I was talking to James. My then-boyfriend said to me, "I think that guy (James) was disappointed I showed up."

We really credit our mutual close friend, Jill (a bridesmaid in our wedding), with introducing us. We finally got together at another friend's birthday party and dated on and off for the following 9 months, before finally becoming official. But to me, our love story really began when our pup, Cash, arrived.

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Our dog's name is Cash and he's a five-year-old Boston Terrier. Cash is the sweetest, googly-eyed, little American Gentleman you'll ever meet; and he played a big role in James and I getting together.

I was NOT a pet person before Cash. In fact, I used to say I was going to tell my children I was allergic, so I would never have to live with an animal. James, however, had always wanted a dog of his own. So when I broke up with him early New Year's Day 2014 (terrible timing, I know), he thought, "Forget this chick, I'm getting a dog!"

By the time James found a breeder with available puppies, James and I were talking again. On February 1, 2014, James brought Cash home and texted me, "want to come meet my puppy?" (I didn't like dogs, but PUPPIES were a whole other story.) When I got there and held the sweetest little 2.5-pound potato of a pup I had ever seen, I was done for. James and I have been together ever since and I now consider myself a born-again dog person. I could not love our little Cash more!

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Like most brides, I poured over tons and tons of magazines, wedding blogs and Instagram accounts, looking for wedding décor inspiration. But, in the end, it was really about us as a couple...and what I love most in my personal style,—color! I worked with Leslie at Everly Alaine to incorporate purples, wines, and reds into our wedding blooms. I had envisioned a sort of "modern secret garden" color palette. The richly-colored blooms paired well with brass accents and glass geometric vessels, to create that effect.

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The biggest décor feature at our wedding—and, really, my favorite—was the greenery hanging, like long, swooping garlands, from the beams in the ceiling. I spotted a similar design in an image on The Laurel's web site and knew I had to have it for our wedding. It totally transformed the space and gave the reception an air of enchantment. I could not be happier with how it all turned out!

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Our cocktail hour on the patio was a major highlight of our time at The Laurel. We ended up entering the patio area from the glass double doors right behind the playing mariachi band and got a huge round of applause! It was wonderful to be able to greet a good portion of our guests before the reception officially began. We were so overjoyed to see everyone and the patio space was just perfect for all those outdoor photos with my picture-happy extended family.

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Hitting the dance floor at The Laurel during our reception was everything we had imagined and more! Our friends and family did not hesitate to bust a move with us. It makes us feel incredibly gratified to see how much fun our guests had at our wedding! The floor plan The Laurel set up for us perfectly accommodated our lively party.

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Sparklers aren't allowed everywhere, so I jumped at the opportunity to leave our reception through a sparkler send-off! It was a spectacular, exciting and romantic way to exit the most fun party our lives.

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The day we came to tour The Laurel, we were met by Sandy, who could not have been more welcoming! She offered us champagne , which we sipped while she showed us around. I remember being so impressed by the gorgeous space and knowing right away that this was the place for our celebration.

Our wedding at The Laurel was magical, lively and totally "us."  I wish we could do it again!

Thank you, Anne and James, for sharing your amazing day with us. We wish you (and Cash!) all the best in the years to come.

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