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Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect. Yet when the unexpected does arise, you want Jacqueline Hill of Jacqueline Events & Design right there ready to tend to it. From the moment you say, “Yes!” to the moment you say, “I do,” Jacqueline Events & Design creates a seamless process of wedding planning with your very best interest in mind.

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Jacqueline was kind enough to share her top tips and insights into making your wedding day a huge success. From unexpected flower girl moments to her four pieces of advice to get you to the aisle, you are sure to be left feeling inspired. Enjoy!

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The Laurel: Jacqueline, what drew you into the wonderful world of event planning?

Jacqueline Hill: I accepted a job straight out of college as an event planner. I had a passion for seeing it all flawlessly come together. After I was a bride, I believed that my logistical strengths and my attention to detail were vital in the wedding industry. It is fun to design and play with the pretty, but on the day of the wedding, the details and logistics are what make it successful!

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TL: What are the most common concerns brides have throughout the wedding planning process?

JH: A lot of brides feel that if they don't have their wedding planned quickly after engagement that they are behind. I encourage them to slow down and enjoy being engaged and enjoy the process for planning a wedding. Decisions don't need to be rushed, they need to be fun to make. Let the excitement build!

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(cont.) Many brides are also concerned that their wedding won't be unique enough or that a detail will be missed on the event day. I tell my brides that if we build the day as a reflection of you and your fiancè, it will be beautifully unique. Don't worry too much about the trends, be timeless.

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TL: Have you ever had a major hiccup at a wedding — how did you handle it?

JH: This past year, I had a huge first and something I hope never happens again. During the processional, I sent two precious flower girls down the aisle flanking a handsome ring bearer. Halfway down the aisle, the trio was to walk around a water fountain that was permanently in the ground. However, the youngest flower girl became distracted and went head first into the marble fountain! A nearby guest jumped in to pull her up as her mother came running from the front to her little girl. Everyone was stunned! My bride was the only person that didn't witness this occurrence as she was waiting to walk the aisle. I took care of the situation and peacefully walked down the aisle to rescue the other flower girl and ring bearer. I laugh that I now have walked the aisle DURING a client's wedding.

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TL: What are some of your favorite details from weddings you have planned?

JH: There are too many to count! Every wedding we do is unique. However, there are three details we are currently doing to go that extra step.

One is as simple as a custom monogram. Most of our clients have a custom monogram designed that we can use on details throughout the special day. It is a reflection of them, not something stock they can purchase online.

The second is custom bathroom vinyls. We are putting fun sayings on the bathroom mirrors and maybe a floral design that is reflective of the tables at the reception — something unexpected and the ladies are loving it!

Last, we aren't allowing the food stations to just be dressed in a black or white cloth. We are taking them a step further and placing them behind a faux bar for service or designing a new way to display the food so that it is truly a custom experience.

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TL: What are the most important qualities you and your team possess that make you excellent event planners?

JH: First, our relationships and accessibility to our clients. Second, our ability to tackle the details before or during an occurrence. Our goal is to always foresee what might happen before it occurs so that we can solve it. However, when something is out of our control (cue flower girl in water!), I am extremely quick on my feet and able to react to remedy a situation. I am blessed to hear many vendors comment that no matter the chaos in the room, I am a force of calm.

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TL: What are your best pieces of advice to give a newly engaged couple as they think about the wedding they want to have?

JH: My four pieces of advice to get you to the aisle:

  1. Hire pros! Don't try to go it alone. It will save you time and sanity to hire a planner on the front end. When you arrive at your special day, you will be so glad you did!

  1. Don't fret on the trends, tell your vendors details about you as a couple and they will incorporate it into your special day. Also, don't forget about your guests. These are the individuals you love and those that are special to you. Make sure you consider their experience when discussing event flow.

  1. Take time for each other! Don't let every conversation be about getting married. Remember to still work on your relationship and enjoy date nights.

  1. No matter what, at the end of all of this, you will have each other and you will be MARRIED!! Keep your focus on what truly matters and allow the pros to get lost in the details of your special day. Don't stress — enjoy this amazing time in your life!

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When searching for the perfect wedding planner, you want the one who can be best described as a force of calm. Thank you so much, Jacqueline, for so many helpful tips about how to make a wedding day as special as it can be. To learn more about Jacqueline Events & Design, click here.