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When you want to bring the funk and fun to your wedding reception we know who to ask to get the job done! In10City Bands are a talented group of musicians who know how to keep your guests movin’ and your ears groovin’ as they create one-of-a-kind experiences for any event.

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We caught up with Kim Burns from Intensity Entertainment to learn more about In10City Bands and what sets them apart from other entertainment bands. See for yourself why Kim says their goal is to “exceed everyone’s expectations and show them something they’ve never seen before.” Enjoy!

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The Laurel: What can clients expect as part of creating an event with you?

Kim Burns: We’re not a “one size fits all” band so we tailor many things to what the client wants. It’s a customizable experience. We assign an Entertainment Coordinator (EC) to each event to be the main point of contact between the planners, clients and the band. The EC will be in touch with the venue staff, coordinator teams and families to make sure all the music details are planned out so the band is well prepared.

We have a unique client portal system that is sent to each client where they have the opportunity to let us know what they want for their special dances, any ideas for favorite songs and special moments, as well as any extras. We commit to learning up to three new songs for every private event and many bands don’t do that. That way, even if they love a song that’s not on our current playlist, we can learn it and work on it to have it ready for them.

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TL: What is the most important goal In10City has for every event?

KB: To exceed everyone’s expectations and show them something they’ve never seen before. We understand the responsibility we’ve been given to help ensure the day we’re celebrating – whether it’s a wedding, anniversary party, milestone birthday or corporate event – is a special day for our client. We are honored they’ve put their trust in us to help lead the celebration and make sure their guests have a blast and enjoy the music. We spend hours and hours working on all the little details and getting to know our clients to get a feel for their dream event and how we can execute that flawlessly.

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TL: What's the secret to creating a super fun party?

KB: We have such a high energy group and LOVE to leave the stage to join the fun on the dance floor. Our horn players, bass players, guitarists and vocalists all have the ability to jump off the stage and get out on the dance floor. As soon as that happens, guests swarm the musicians and it gets intense! We have a lot of choreography that we love sharing with guests as well and always find ourselves bringing people up on stage or moving to them to dance together. We always have a blast and when the band is having fun the guests are having fun!

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TL: What sets In10City apart from the other DJs and bands in the DFW area?

KB: Custom mashups – we take the best parts of hit songs and blend them together to create a fun mashup or medley of the greatest songs to keep the guests dancing. We pride ourselves on watching the dance floor to see what guests are responding to and keep things moving.

TL: What are some of In10City's favorite moments from wedding receptions or special events?

KB: A tear-jerker father of the bride speech gets us every time. We’ve seen so many great things at the events we’ve been a part of from choreographed special dances, amazing toasts, high energy wedding party dances, college mascots who make surprise appearances, confetti cannons, fireworks, aerialists, fog machines and more! We’ve traveled for many events from Vegas, Cabo, Taos and Aspen, to Telluride, New Orleans, Mississippi, Oklahoma and more to help celebrate and we’re thankful for the chance to experience new places and meet new people!

A lot of our clients become friends and we always love seeing their big day come together. In fact, we keep in touch with so many of our clients who have now become party of our “Intensity Family.” We’ve gotten to know many families who have hired us over and over for multiple children or family members and the party becomes a reunion of sorts where we meet up and celebrate with old friends!

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TL: How does The Laurel help make for a great party atmosphere?

KB: There are a lot of great venues in the DFW area, but one thing we’ve always said about The Laurel is how welcoming and kind the staff is EVERY time. From the moment we walk in, we’ve always been treated as though the staff is happy we’re there. They also pay attention to detail going out of their way to make sure the clients are happy but also the other vendors. The break space is always comfortable with water and snacks on hand and the coordinators are  flexible and show genuine care in everything they do. Their goal seems to be about making the day stress free, well organized and fun. The Laurel is one of our absolute favorite venues and it’s great to work with such an experienced and professional team!

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TL: What different styles and vibes can In10City cater to?

KB: We have the ability to be a one-stop-shop by providing ceremony music and sound, cocktail entertainment and then full band music for the reception. We can do a little music with a Latin flare, cocktail and dinner set music. We play all genres including Country, Jazz, Motown, Funk & Disco, Rock, 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and top 40 music. We can use our lighting and play our custom music to continue the party even when the band is on break.

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TL: What do you tell potential clients who are considering having a live band at their wedding?

KB: Once dinner is over, you’re 100% in the hands of the band. The long-term memories guests and clients make from that night are in large part the band’s responsibility and that’s something we don’t take lightly. We love what we do, we have some of the most talented musicians in the area and we make it our mission to help put on the BEST party ever!

Thank you, Kim, for sharing with us all the wonderful details that makes In10City Bands so awesome and unique! To learn more about In10City Bands, click here.

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