Host Your Next Corporate Holiday Party at The Laurel (Here are our top three reasons why!)

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Six months out from your event your corporate holiday party venue should be nailed down, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Your must-haves — size of space, amenities, atmosphere and affordability — help direct your decision toward a venue that ticks boxes on the pragmatic side. But what about the distinguished design side? Isn’t it the thoughtful details that set this gathering apart from all your everyday workplace celebrations? Taking into consideration all your event needs, it begs the question: Can a single venue have it all?

Our answer is an emphatic yes! You don’t have to settle. If you’re considering an event in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Grapevine area, here our three top reasons why you should host your next corporate party at The Laurel.

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The Laurel is not a one-size-fits-all.

One-size-fits-all implies the user doesn’t particularly notice how it fits or the characteristics that set it apart. The Laurel is designed to be a gorgeous backdrop for your specific needs. Your corporate holiday party is an opportunity to show how you care about your team. Finding a space that is uniquely designed for your guests will help spread holiday cheer.

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Our variety of spaces accommodate your unique style — indoor, outdoor, dress it up or down.

Thinking of a holiday hoe-down complete with a DJ leading your guests in promenades around the dance floor? Perhaps your team is leaning more toward holiday chic with Michael Buble playing softly in the background. Texas winters may have you envisioning your guests nestled around a fireplace while warmly enjoying a cocktail hour on our patio. With a variety of space options your event can find its perfect spot here.

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Our eager team stands ready to help you execute a great event.

You have enough on your plate. Coordinating a corporate holiday party is an all-hands-on-deck, can’t-do-it-alone kind of occasion. From the start, our team will walk alongside you offering help all along the way. We love to share what has worked, what hasn’t worked, the best vendors and general encouragement when the details feel overwhelming. We are here for you!

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To learn more about The Laurel hosting your next corporate event, please send us an inquiry to