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Since so many invitations these days come in an electronic format, it is all the more special to receive a piece of personalized snail mail. Especially when it’s the kind that leaves you swooning. Gorgeous wedding invitations come in all shapes and sizes (and fonts and textures and foils and color palates and, well, you get the picture) and the Laurel loves each and every one.

03 25 2018Allentsai

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04 22 2017Jeremygilliam

Refined RomanceJeremy Gilliam

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Tyler and Lindsey

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Gray Door PhotographySarah Ann Design

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Love Abides Photography

Your wedding invitation is like a hug for your guests, welcoming them to join you on your most important day. It sets the tone and the vibe of what they can look forward to — and for some, gets them dreaming about the possibilities for their plus one!

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Refined RomanceAllen Tsai Photography

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08 12 2017Thetarnos

The Tarnos

09 24 2016Charlastorey

Charla StoreyWedfully Yours Events and Design

11 10 2017Twopair

Grace Event StudioTwo Pair Photography

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02 23 2018Katepanza

Kate Panza Photography

Invitations are a beautiful extension of you and your soon-to-be spouse. Their purpose beyond sharing important details of your wedding day can be whatever you choose: to communicate the upcoming season, the theme, the requested dress code (black and white only, anyone?!) or simply to express that super creative side of your brain.


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12 17 2017Zachashcraft

Zach Ashcraft Photography

02 04 2017Kyliecrump

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Kylie Crump Photography

05 05 2018Twopair

Two Pair Photography

03 26 2017Allentsai

Allen Tsai Photography


Allen Tsai Photography

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Grace of Love EventsJillian Zamora Photography

Gorgeous invitations are gorgeous because they’re an extension of you and what matters to you most. With a union of lovebirds on the horizon, you have the wonderful opportunity to encourage your guests to join in on the fun. 

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Jacqueline EventsAllison Davis Photography

03 10 2018Rebeccaellison

Jen Rios WeddingsRebecca Ellison Photography

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Charla Storey


Bethany ErinCloud Creative EventsIllustrated Weddings

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Tracy Enoch Photography

04 14 2018Thetarnos

Pop PartiesThe Tarnos


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Enjoy the process and congrats on having good news to share!

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