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Jennifer Trotter — owner of Lip Service Makeup  — has been enhancing the natural beauty of brides and bridesmaids for more than 20 years. In an early career in TV and film, she was asked to assemble a makeup kit for a commercial — and she was wildly successful at it. Today, she works with nearly 100 brides annually and has a full team of artists who assist with hair and makeup.

At The Laurel, we know few things are more important to a bride on her wedding day than, 1) her groom, 2) her family and friends, and 3) her makeup! We have consistently seen Jennifer transform a bride’s natural beauty into wedding-day-gorgeous.

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Jennifer shared with us why her passion for makeup never fades and beauty tips to live by.

The Laurel: What is it about makeup that is most important to you?

Jennifer Trotter: Makeup isn't about makeup, it's about how it makes women feel! It's a way to convey confidence, a flirty attitude, romance — all by subtle changes in style and color. I use makeup not to cover up, but to enhance the natural beauty each woman has.

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TL: How do you know what will look best on a person? Especially on a bride on the most important day of her life!?

JT: Observing details about the bride and listening to what she has to say — and what she's NOT saying, are essential to determining the best look for that particular bride. I have to use my expertise and pair it with the bride's preferences to come up with the perfect look that will make her happy when it counts most. I encourage brides to really think about the vibe they want — romantic, sultry, innocent. From there, I suggest a color palette and style and we work together to make tweaks if needed.

TL: Do you have a favorite beauty tip?

JT: For a natural look, use rosy tones on cheeks and lips — no browns and beiges. A naturally flushed cheek isn't brown — it's pink!

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TL: What advice do you have for brides in search of a makeup artist?

JT: Choose someone LEGIT, meaning a reputable, professional beauty vendor who specializes in weddings and charges appropriate rates. Get referrals from your venue, photographer, planner or other trusted vendor, and do your research! Check out websites and social media before you reach out for a price quote. What [should you be] looking for?

  • Makeup and hair that fits your style

  • Current work: real brides, great reviews, connection to trusted vendors in your area.

Common red flags are business social media sites full of personal posts and selfies (where are their clients and brides?!), no current work posted, no brides, makeup that doesn't fit your style and an obvious disconnect from other trusted area vendors.

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TL: What's your favorite part of working with makeup?

JT:  I have a favorite moment in any makeup application, and it's the moment at the very end. [When] I hand the bride the mirror for her first look. That look on her face, the gasp, the smile, and sometimes even happy tears — I get chill bumps! Having the opportunity to use my skills to help a bride feel like a real life princess on the most important day of her life is an incredibly fulfilling way to make a living, and I never, ever get tired of it.

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TL:  What makeup brands do you use and/or recommend?

JT:  Urban Decay, RCMA, Laura Mercier, Nars, Viseart, plus a few drugstore goodies mixed in.  I test everything extensively and pick and choose products that work, regardless of the brand or price! For the past few years, I've been obsessed with IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness — a magical, neutral foundation that cancels out blotchy redness.

TL: How did you find preparing brides for their weddings at The Laurel?

JT: I love it! For one, they allow enough time to actually utilize the bridal suite! (Many venues do not.) There's plenty of light, it's decorated beautifully (great for those "getting ready" shots!), and there is the perfect amount of space for your beauty team to set up. Lastly, there's enough space to hang out, serve breakfast or lunch and truly make a fun day of it.  Oh, the bluetooth speaker is a fun touch too — great music really sets the mood!

It's truly a beautiful venue with an enviable location. How they ever managed to create an "in the middle of nowhere" feel 5 minutes from DFW airport? I'll never know, but they did and it's awesome. The owners and staff are all dedicated, wonderful people and friends — I know they'll do everything they can to ensure that your wedding is amazing in every way!

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Thank you, Jennifer, for your helpful tips and kind words! You can learn more about Lip Service Makeup here.

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