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One of our greatest privileges of hosting gorgeous weddings and events at The Laurel is seeing the most talented vendors in action. But, it’s not every day that we get to see a talented photographer in action — who incidentally has a PhD in Neuroscience.

Allen Tsai, scientist turned photographer, captures weddings all around the world with the most intricate eye. We loved catching up with him to learn more about what made him take his giant leap from science to art — what tips he would give a newly engaged couple looking for a photographer — and everything in between.

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The Laurel: How would you describe yourself as a photographer. What is your unique angle when capturing people?

Allen Tsai: I'm a fine art photographer that chooses to shoot everything in the best light possible. This typically involves moving objects, people, and optimizing the timeline as much as possible! I prefer to capture my couples with authentic expressions, genuine interactions, and creating timeless images.

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The Laurel: What is most important to you when taking photos of your client's wedding?

Allen Tsai: I think the most important thing is that clients must trust me and give me full creative freedom to capture their wedding.

The Laurel: How did you make the very impressive jump from neuroscience to photography? What drew you in?

Allen Tsai: I always loved art, design, and photography even while I was still a scientist. Science and photography were polar opposites for me; science was always full of constant defeat, while photography was always full of appreciation from my clients. When it came to a decision, I went with what made me happier and what I looked forward to doing more in the future!

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The Laurel: What tips would you give to a newly engaged couple who are looking for their wedding photographer? What could help them find the right match?

Allen Tsai: The most important thing to look for is consistency. I always recommend looking through several wedding albums and full online galleries to ensure you love the way the photographer captures the entire wedding day, and if they can consistently deliver that quality from wedding to wedding. Look through weddings that would have similar lighting situations for your ceremony and reception, i.e. indoors vs. outdoors.

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(cont.) Another important thing to consider about your photographer is how well they handle the business side of things. How is their response time, how prepared were they for your meeting, what do the online reviews say, and what do the vendors you've booked think about them? They could have the most beautiful images you've ever seen, but if they can't handle the business side of things, it might be a painful experience!

The Laurel: What do you think makes The Laurel a unique location for brides and grooms?

Allen Tsai: The amount of natural light coming into the building, the outdoor textures, the high ceilings, the space and neutral colors for each bride to showcase their own style, and the gorgeous sunset images we're able to create outdoors.

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Also the option to have an indoor or outdoor ceremony. Plus, the amazing staff at the Laurel are not only super professional, but also very personable. It's really important having a great team of vendors at your wedding!

The Laurel: Allen, why is photography important to you?

Allen Tsai: It's important because I'm able to freeze a moment of time the way I want to freeze it! It's so fascinating that the exact same scene and moment can be photographed so many ways. I think it's such an honor being chosen to document someone's wedding day and I always want to give it 100%!

Thank you, Allen, for sharing with The Laurel about your passion for photography! Learn more about Allen Tsai Photography here.

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