If a couple’s love for one another could best be expressed by a display of wedding flowers, you would know that Megan and Ryan Laing’s love was absolutely abundant and overflowing.

Megan and Ryan were married in the The Laurel chapel on March 18, 2017. Their stunning vision for their wedding and reception left us speechless. Megan was kind enough to share more about their love story and how every detail they envisioned came to life at The Laurel.

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Ryan and I met on; he had just joined and I was about to give up after a few months of not-so-great dates. Fortunately, I happened to stumble across his profile and once he saw that I had looked at his account, he messaged me and the rest is history. Our relationship is so special because we complement each other perfectly.

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If I had to choose a favorite moment of our wedding day, I would absolutely say the First Look!! I loved sharing that special moment with just Ryan — the look on his face and our laughing through happy tears will stay with me forever.

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(Cont.) Ryan's favorite moment was the ceremony itself — seeing me walk down the aisle and exchanging our vows! We had seen each other at the First Look and gotten our nerves out of the way, and we had one of our good friends officiate — so the ceremony was comfortable and just so full of joy and excitement!

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When we saw the The Laurel in person, we knew it was the best fit for our style. It's hill country-esque stone work, rustic beams, and dark wood floors were the perfect backdrop for our wedding.

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You can tell this venue was designed by people who KNOW weddings. The bridal suite was AMAZING and we loved that it had a great room for the men to hang out in, as well.

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We wanted our reception to be a well-coordinated party, and between our awesome DJ and the wonderful staff at the Laurel, everything flowed perfectly. We had the easiest day thanks to Shannon, who took care of all the details and made things feel effortless! Our families are still raving about the reception!

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The words we think of when we think of our wedding day are; Joy. Love. Happiness! and FLOWERS! When we left our reception we were happy, then relieved that everything went so wonderfully, and then just a little bit sad it was all over! And then happy again because — honeymoon!

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Thank you, Megan and Ryan, for choosing The Laurel for your wedding! We wish you the very best in all the many beautiful years to come.

Special thanks to the incredible vendors that helped make Megan and Ryan's wedding such a beautiful event:

Charla Storey Photography

The Southern Table

Sugar Bee Sweets Bakery

LeForce Entertainment

Food Glorious Food

Wiler Photography & Film