How To Find the Perfect Corporate Event Space (that is right for your event and your guests)

Corporate events can sound sterile to those who have attended many and found them stuffy and unimaginative. What your guests may not know is that it is not easy finding a space that can accommodate a large number of guests, easily manage parking, and present delicious food as well as offer the flexibility to set up exactly to your needs.

Yet, merging the two — inviting guests to an event they want to come to and finding the perfect space that suits all the logistics — is absolutely possible.

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To do so, there are a couple of hidden treasures of event planning we want to uncover. Whether you are hosting a Client Appreciation Party, Awards Banquet, Holiday Party, Employee Recognition Event, Fundraiser Gala, Retirement Dinner Celebration, or Your Perfect Event, here are 3 ways to find the perfect event space for planning and for your guests.

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  1. Choose a space that offers plenty of natural light and breathing room. Compared to a hotel ballroom or convention center-feel, finding a space with natural light opens up the space and removes the enclosed feeling. Large windows, tall ceilings and natural woods are warm and welcoming, making your guests feel like they can take a deep breath in as they find their seat. This also applies to breakout rooms. Fluorescent lighting and windowless rooms create stifled spaces. Imagine the kind of brainstorming and group training that can occur when the breakout room feels liberating.

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2. Find a venue that makes your setup easy and style shine. Both logistically and stylistically, choose a space that offers plenty of flexibility for your event to uniquely express itself. Starting with the most important details — such as seating, A/V needs, parking and excellent catering options — to the details that make it shine, such as florals, decor, day-of scheduling and coordination to make the day run seamlessly.

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3. Find a place where your guests will leave inspired and ready for change. That’s the point, right? Any kind of special event — whether corporate training, private party, retirement or the like — should create an uplifting atmosphere where your guests leave renewed rather than worn out. How does a venue impact this? A good venue will remove all obstacles for your guests — making it easy for each person to feel welcome all along the way.

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Ensure your next offsite meeting or corporate training session is one that your guests remember. The success of a perfect corporate event can never be measured merely by the number of guests in attendance, but by the number of guests who leave changed because of it.

If The Laurel can be of any assistance in planning your next corporate event, please contact Shannon Lepard at