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In our opinion, these are the very best days for wedding planning. Artistic talent is at an all-time high and traditional rules have been replaced by unprecedented creativity. Not to mention Pinterest! What did we ever do before Pinterest?

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Among many unique talents poised at Laurel events, one artist’s hand-crafted signage stands out. Ashton Bynum, owner of Sparrow Hand Lettering, combines art and communication to create custom signage for weddings and special events. Her uniquely creative lettering has been used to bring continuity and flow to events, and makes ordinary signage, extraordinary. Ashton’s astute attention to detail as she custom-designs each piece is why we always return to Sparrow Hand Lettering for eye-catching displays.

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Behind her lovely hand lettering is a personality to match. We thought you would enjoy hearing from Ashton, and why she is passionate about this kind of art.

What makes hand lettering unique?

I love the slight imperfections of hand lettering that shows its originality in contrast to using a standard font. Not only do I love making the words look pretty — in any given phrase — but I love piecing them together in a way that results in beautiful art as a whole.

What is your process for creating custom pieces for clients?

Each client explains what they are envisioning for their project, and what they consider the most important part of the text. Then, I like to develop a hierarchy within their text, directing the viewer’s eye from one portion of the text to another using larger and smaller scales. Some clients don't want hierarchy at all, they prefer all the text be the same size, which can be a great look, too. During the process, we communicate back and forth and I provide sample sketches of various designs for them to choose which they like most for final print.

Insider Tip from Ashton: Viewers look at the largest text first, and then the hierarchy guides their eye to the next piece of information.

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How could Sparrow Hand Lettering benefit a bride and groom’s wedding and/or reception?

So many brides and wedding planners have been very creative and inspiring with ideas they have envisioned! I'm usually asked to create a collection of signs that they place throughout their venue. This brings a cohesive look and feel throughout the ceremony and reception. Some of the most popular signs I've made are:

  • A sign with the bride and groom's name and wedding date
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  • Guestbook signs

  • Bar menus

  • Social media signs including the wedding hashtag
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Insider Tip from Ashton: Once the wedding is over, a couple can hang their custom piece (i.e. the bride and groom’s names and wedding date) in their home. Some brides have displayed a sign mentioning loved ones who have passed away — that is such a sweet and meaningful idea.

How could a corporate party, rehearsal dinner or 50th anniversary party at The Laurel incorporate hand lettering into their event?

Using a few designed signs throughout an event (like those listed above) can bring a sense of intentionality and care. Specific signs that could be used in corporate parties, rehearsal dinners, or 50th anniversary parties are:

  • Welcome signs, e.g."Welcome to the 10th Anniversary party of Company Name"  

  • Seating charts

  • Food and bar menus
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  • Individual sponsor signs or a list of sponsors

  • Order of events

  • Phrase or theme for the party
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Why is hand lettering important to you?

I love that when a client comes to me with an idea of something they would like hand lettered, it's because that phrase means something special to them or because it's for an important event in their lives. It's an honor to be a part of something so meaningful.

We always love seeing Sparrow Hand Lettering at Laurel events! Thank you, Ashton!

I'm honored to be featured today on The Laurel blog! I've loved working on projects with The Laurel in the past, and in every instance The Laurel team has been kind, professional, and encouraging. The Laurel is stunning as a venue. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful I have seen!

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