Corporate Event Coordinator Gives Us Her Expert Advice || Meredith Commender

Every event shares the same goal — to ensure guests feel welcome and relaxed. The purest sign of success is found on the faces of your guests — smiles prove that all the important details were covered.

Meredith Commender, owner of Significant Events of Dallas, knows accomplishing those smiles is not an easy task. Great events don’t just happen!

Whether planning a corporate event or holiday party — Meredith has graciously offered her expert advice to help you along your way. Regardless where you are in your process of planning, here are key tips to keep in mind.

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The Laurel: In your experience, what are the top 5 reasons companies are looking to host an event?

Meredith Commender: Holiday Parties, Sales Meetings — to encourage the company to move forward (ie. a company rally, employee enrichment), New Product/Brand Launch, Employee Appreciation, Team Building.

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TL: What are the kinds of questions a company should ask a venue when considering their space for an event?

MC: Specific details regarding catering and Audio/Visual (A/V) needs. What does the venue supply — tables, chairs, linens, etc. What are the nearby hotels? If not working with a planner — determine the venues’ preferred vendors, what hours are available for corporate events since most are all-day events. Are there any discounts — most corporate parties are booked during off times, so be sure to ask if that can be accommodated.

TL: What is the greatest obstacle companies face when finding a venue to host their corporate event?

MC: The scope of corporate events involve a variety of needs. For instance, breakout rooms are typically needed — are the rooms the right size or are there enough? Knowing the A/V requirements — determining what the venue can provide, as well as what has to be outsourced.

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TL: What kinds of features are companies looking for in a venue?

MC: Location, specifically that the venue is close to their home office. Centrally-located: Dallas, Irving/Grapevine. They don’t want to feel like they’re trapped in a box, therefore size of space and windows are important. I would love to send clients to the Laurel for a non-traditional feel. Companies are looking more and more for this.

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TL: What is your biggest piece of advice for companies (or their event planners) planning their corporate party? What might help give them a leg up in planning?

MC: A lot of companies have unrealistic expectations on what items cost. They feel they are allocating a good amount of money but expecting something quite a bit more. They are aware of food and beverage costs but not so familiar with the extra costs — production charges, rigging fees, extras in décor. I recommend they have more flexibility with budget vs. one that is set in stone.

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TL: How would The Laurel best serve to satisfy corporate parties and/or functions? 

MC: The Laurel offers a unique look with a great outdoor space. It’s near the airport. It provides resources to clients, and sets clear parameters to ensure the client is aware of what aspects of planning and set up The Laurel will do. The Laurel is flexible with corporate payment — since check requests may be needed — processes are different with every company.

Many thanks to Meredith for her expert insight into the often daunting world of corporate event planning! Learn more about Meredith and her team at Significant Events of Texas.

The Laurel would love to host your next event. To schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can best meet your needs, please contact us here.